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Unlock the inner you!

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About KiCharm /kē-CHärm/

Unlock The Inner You!

Whether you’re into yoga, cycle or a Hot girl run/ jog in the park, comfortable and high-performance activewear is a must. The Minority activewear scene has gone from struggle to strength in the past years. KiCharm is a sisterhood that wont let you fail. We support women at every stage of life. Supporting the notion that there is only one perfect version staring back at you in the mirror. We support women's mental, physical and emotional health. KiCharm is the best place to start if you want to Unlock your perfect vision of you and feel good about it. 


I highly recommend the sweat out shirt!!! This item will have you sweating before you start your workout. The smooth, sleek fit provided the support I needed to ensure my core was tight during my workout (It fit so well it can be worn as a waist trainer substitute). I give a 5 rating on the sweat out shirt!!!

Mayo Yvette

"The way the Omber all Day Set hugs my curves I Love it! Truly a statement piece !! 


My Kicharm Bring all the Boys to the Yard !! Cant wait for the Fall collection!! 


KiCharm Essentials

We believe physical health is one element is of 3 essential necessities ! 

*Physical Health*Mental Health *Emotional/ Spiritual Health 

***STAY TUNED PRE ORDER APRIL 15 2021*** for the launch of Product to help aid all 3 essential elements